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If you can envision a part, we can cut it. Precision Waterjet Concepts provides solutions to customers through a simple process focused on efficiency and cost savings. Each of our waterjet machines can be programmed and set up to start cutting very quickly.

Our project consultation includes selecting the right equipment to cut your parts and using our own machining, welding, and inspection services to create solutions that fit your individual needs.

We also have close access to metal spinning services.

As a full-service waterjet solutions provider, Precision Waterjet Concepts walks with you through every step of the waterjet cutting and water jet machining processes. The highly experienced and innovative engineers at our water jet machining Minnesota operation have the tools and knowledge you need to help realize your vision for waterjet machined parts. A combination of expert project consultation, state-of-the-art equipment and painstaking, .0025î- accuracy post-process part inspection make Precision Waterjet Concepts the premier waterjet solutions provider.

Our processes are focused on economy and efficiency. Once you are satisfied with your product design, we put our equipment to work for you quickly. Also, because our water jet systems are computer controlled, there is no need for retooling between projects.

We go to lengths to ensure that the right machinery is applied at the right pressures in the right volumes so that your investment goes as far as possible. Also, our commitment to operational sustainability pays off for you as well as for the environment; we reclaim and reuse the water and heat generated by our processes, reducing our consumption costs and our environmental impact. Our intentional commitment to efficiency generates savings at every level of production; as your water jet maching and cutting solutions provider, Precision Waterjet Concepts saves you time, money and contributes to the efficiency of your operation.

About Precision Waterjet Concepts
PWC was founded in 2002 in a small facility in Minnesota. At the time, the company served customers from a 2,500 square foot building with only one 5-axis waterjet gantry and a single 100 hp intensifier. As the company grew, the founders continued to hire more employees and add new equipment. New buildings were occupied to increase the square footage and allow for new machines and capabilities.

Today, PWC’s main facility in Pequot Lakes, Minnesota, is 19,000 square feet and houses 7 waterjet machines, 3-5-axis and 4-2-axis along with many other impressive features. In the Texas facility we have 12.000 square feet building with 2 waterjets, 1-5-axis and 1-4 head 2-axis waterjet. In the Minneapolis facility we are set up with 1- 5-axis waterjet and a robotic welding center with plenty of room for expansion in a 20,000 square feet building. Our advanced infrastructure allows us to meet the needs of all of our customers and create quality waterjet cutting solutions nationwide.

Would you like to request a quote?
If you have a project in mind and you’d like to know more about what Precision Waterjet Concepts can do for you, you can request a quote online today! It’s fast, easy, and convenient. Just click here to get started! Once we’ve received your inquiry, we’ll do our best to respond promptly and accurately to your request. We look forward to hearing from you!

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