2-Axis Waterjet


When it comes to high-volume water jet cutting projects, Precision Waterjet Concepts’ 2 axis waterjet cutting Minnesota operation is unmatched in quality and efficiency. Our 2 axis waterjet cutting equipment is capable of producing up to four parts simultaneously without a reduction in cut precision or quality. Because our 2 axis water jet cutting system can operate with up to four cutting heads at a time, the process can dramatically increase product output, reducing production time and streamlining your operation. Once we have your specifications, our system can be set up for production in a matter of minutes. Also, because our systems are computer controlled, retooling time is eliminated between projects if you require the cutting of multiple shapes.

There are few limits to the possibilities opened up to your operation by our 2 axis waterjet cutting system; if you can envision it, we can create it. Our systems can create shapes out of almost any materials. From heavy steel, titanium, aluminum and other hard metals to soft materials like rubber and foam, our knowledgeable engineers can help you realize your vision for waterjet cut parts. We have already served clients in the agriculture, aerospace, automotive manufacturing and many other industries. Put our 2 axis systems to work for your high-volume project.


Applications of 2-Axis Waterjet Cutting
A 2-axis waterjet cutter moves along an X and Y axis to create cuts in straight or curved lines. The 2-axis name refers to two dimensional cutting. 2-Axis waterjet abrasive cutting technology is used for many different applications, including:

Sheet metal panels
Agricultural equipment parts
Precision mechanical components

A 2-axis waterjet cutter can be pre-programmed with input from a computer guided system to cut designs with an exact set of specifications for maximum precision during operation.

Trust Precision Waterjet Concepts for Quality Solutions
At Precision Waterjet Concepts, we are proud of our ability to promptly and professionally meet the demands of our customers. No matter how complex your project may be, you can trust our metal fabrication experts to come up with a solution. With a state-of-the-art facility and the latest waterjet cutting technology, we can work metal to your exact specifications at an affordable price.

We understand that every unique application demands precision, which is why we have not only the best tools but also the best team for the job. Our experience has given us unparalleled skill in the world of waterjet cutting and CNC machining. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

Precsion Waterjet Solutions

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2-Axis Advantages

  •  Handles up to 9' x 13'

  •  Our 150 hp intensifier supports multiple cutting heads to reduce your overall per part cost

  •  Setup and fixturing in just a few minutes

  •  Different jobs don’t require different tooling

  •  Cool-cutting process allows stacking raw materials and cutting multiple parts in one pass

  •  Narrow kerf without heat allows tightly nested parts and raw materials savings

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