See what a 5-axis water jet cutting can do for you.


Precision Waterjet Concepts uses 5-axis waterjet, 2-axis waterjet and other cutting systems for intricate, three-dimensional and other complex cuts on virtually any material for any industry.

You get:

Unique equipment
Innovative craftsmen
Parts with exceptional edge and structural quality
Full-service solutions approach saves money, time and raw materials
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Our Clients:

BAE Systems

Precision Waterjet Concepts offers a full-service solutions approach to waterjet cutting. Our ISO9001:2015-certified process is executed by advanced equipment and supervised by highly experienced craftsmen, offering you an economical, time-saving process that can produce complex shapes with exceptional accuracy. Our water jet cutting equipment is among the most advanced in the industry and can handle a very wide range of materials. Soft materials like rubber and foam as well as the hardest materials like AR series and armor plating can all be carefully and accurately cut in our state-of-the-art facility. Our water jet is accurate to about .002î after one pass and is capable of cutting aluminum up to 12î and steel up to 9î. For very high volume projects, our 2-axis waterjet cutting equipment is capable of producing up to four parts simultaneously. All of our waterjet systems are capable of producing different product shapes without retooling, which saves you time and money. Our waterjet cutting Minnesota operation is committed to providing your operation with clean cuts in terms of cut accuracy and in terms of operational sustainability. Our special water reclamation system reduces our water use by close to 40%, and our heat capturing system helps to provide heat during the cold Minnesota winters.

Our Story
Precision Waterjet Concepts was founded in 2002 in a 2,000 square foot facility. The founders saw a need for quality water jet cutting resources, and they decided that they would build and grow a business to meet the demand. We wanted to offer quality abrasive waterjet services to multiple industries.

Within just two years, the rapidly growing customer base forced Precision Waterjet Concepts to move into a much larger facility where more equipment could be put to use and more employees could work on projects. The company continued to add state-of-the-art waterjet cutting technology to its facility in order to meet even the most complex needs of customers.

Precision Waterjet Concepts has 10 different water jet cutting machines, a dedicated CNC programmer, and a modern 19,000 square foot facility in Minnesota. With advanced resources, a skilled workforce and a well-earned ISO certification, Precision Waterjet Concepts is truly a professional waterjet company who you can trust to deliver excellent results.

Precision Waterjet Concepts has added on a 5,000 sq ft building set up for welding and storage in our Minnesota
Precision Waterjet Concepts in Texas is located in a 12,000 sq ft building with a 5 axis waterjet and a 2 axis waterjet system.
We have all the same capabilities in Texas as we do in Minnesota. Soon, we will be adding a new service by offering a 60” x 120” Trumpf Laser.

Because we have 5 axis and 2 axis waterjets, the possibilities for applications that can be created at Precision Waterjet Concepts are almost endless. We can cut complex and precise shapes in many different kinds of material. We work closely with our customers to understand what they need, and then come up with a strategy for creating that product for them. No two jobs are the same, so we rely on our knowledge and equipment to give you a customized approach. Whether you need us to work on glass, steel, fiberglass or foam; we have the ability to get the job done with our quality abrasive waterjet services.

Additional Services
We do more than just abrasive waterjet cutting. Our team is experienced and versatile, so we want to do everything in our power to meet the needs of your business. Our other services include:

Metal Fabrication
CNC Machining
Mig and Tig Welding
Project Consultation
Product Inspection
Amanda Press Brake Services
Reverse Engineering with a Faro Arm Laser in our Texas Facility

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